Prints are organized by location; there are both landscapes and cityscapes within each galley.

Adrian Etheridge Travel Photography

My love for photography began when I bought my first camera at 12 years old, but my passion did not truly develop until my first time leaving the country, 2 years later, when I spent a week exploring Paris, France. That experience showed me the importance of photography - travel and street photography specifically - that photographs freeze moments in time that will never be exactly the same again in real life, yet remain preserved in imagery. In this way we can relive those captured memories each time we pick up a photo. Or we can be transported into a different culture that we may not be able to experience in real life but can enjoy vicariously through images.

Traveling Photographer Program

Because of my photographic beginnings, street photography remains near and dear to my heart, so I take time when I can to travel, sometimes just to a new part of Asheville but if possible to a different state or country. My travel portfolio is always evolving and for the first time ever, I have these images available for purchase so that I can share my experiences and memories with others.

However, if you would like a more custom experience, with the ability to choose each of the elements that creates your perfect travel image, my traveling photographer program is perfect for you. By signing up for my newsletter, you will receive updates on my travels - such as my upcoming trip to Paris in March. Prior to each trip, I will send out a call for commissions so that anyone interested may set up a consultation to decide what images they would like me to capture and bring back for them. For instance, if you have a blank space on your living room wall that is screaming to be decorated, we will take into account the dimensions, color scheme, style, and mood of the room, then I will come back from my trip with a selection of up to five varying images for you to choose from to purchase your products. Large-scale prints and canvases are the typical products of choice, but I also offer coffee table books, greeting cards, coasters, and event digital downloads for computer backgrounds, social media cover photos or stock imagery. 

Prints and canvases may be custom framed. 


A $200 deposit is required to reserve your spot as a travel photo recipient and schedule your consultation. $100 covers your consultation fee and the balance is a credit towards your print and product purchase. For more information on my traveling photography services and pricing, please fill out my contact form and I will send you a detailed information sheet.